Friday, October 21, 2011

Online Qurban

Only a few days left if you want to do ibadah korban online. You can search on the web for "korban online" or such similar words and you will find a number of websites offering the service. You will probably want to find one that is credible as well as giving the facility to make payment online.

My choice is mainly because this organisation has been advertising qurban services on IKIM radio for a number of years and the feedback has been promising. It also offers a number of possible bank choices to make payment to whether physically or via online bank transfer. Maybank is one of their banks and transferring online to third parties is easily done. Upon completion you will want to save the confirmation screen so that they can track your transfer. At the confirmation screen press the "Print Screen" key and then open up an imaging program such as Paint and paste the screen image on to it. You can then save the screen image.

At ezqurban you are required to fill up a form with your details as well as the korban quantities. At the end of the form you will need to upload the confirmation screen image. Then not long after you submit the form you should get a confirmation from them. You will receive a receipt of payment by post when they have verified with their bank so ensure your home address is correct. Some time after the korban is done they will also send you a certificate of qurban.

Online qurban means you can engage in ibadah korban without leaving the comfort of your chair. But if prefer to more hands-on please feel free to visit your local mosque to participate in their korban programs. Still, there is a deadline to anticipate.Most have a closing date for participation so that they can have a lead time to prepare korban deliveries. Also expect them to limit the numbers as they also have limited hands to handle all the work. They will definitely appreciate it if you volunteer.

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