Monday, November 8, 2010

Gurney Road Primary School

When I made the earlier entry Gurney Road School II 1964 it seems I was quite confused about the picture that went with it. Received a message from Marihah who said that she was in Standard 2 in 1964 and that I was not there. And she proved I was also 1 year her junior.

I thought it was a Standard 2 photo while it was most probably not. Here is another photo sent in by Hazmin Bin Mohamed.

This photo is more likely to be a Standard 2 photo as the pupils are younger looking. Using Singh as the tallest boy standing at the center back, Hazmin says he is standing on his right. Left of Singh is Hassan, Mazlan, Zaki and Jamal. Front row standing is Sani Sudin on the left with Ramli next to him, 7th from left is Karen while I'm standing 2nd from right.

Hazmin reminded me of the good old days then. There was the boy who sold gula tarik. And the school had a two time bell. On the first ring everyone would stop what they were doing and literally freeze. Then the bell will ring again and everyone would then make their way to class.

I remember well you could tikam on aiskrim potong and receive 2, 3, or more ices for a single payment. And there were then games we played then which was kunda-kundi and chopping.

Updated 13 Nov 2010
Here is a picture of adult Sani Sudin and Hazmin (taller).


  1. That's a nice photo which reminds you of the good old days.

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