Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Bike

Remember your first tricycle? First bicycle? First motorbike? First car?

Here my son's first motorcycle, and what he thinks of it.

From: ayub jamil

Meet Milah.... my... EX5 is actually manufactured in 2009, and its the only motorbike that lasted that long through out the generations...

This motorbike is... many generations of improvement, and it is built tough and intended not for speed but long lasting use... usually also called motor ladang, cuz its been long used for heavy duty stuff such as halau lembu, masuk ladang, dusun, and also kelapa sawit...

My motorbike has an electric starter ... with the alarm set, ... integrated ... so that with the same remote, I could start  the bike from a far using the remote. hence panaskan motor... doesnt need me to turun bawah... and also if anyone steals my bike within my remote range...  I could disable the bike engine...

For safety reasons, I have a lock at the side of the front tyre...

I hope you guys will restui my new pasangan hidup


  1. I would rather my pasangan hidup not use the remote starter :)

    Harap-harap jodoh Ayub bertahan - siang2 dah declare FIRST bike hehe...

    Jaga amanah dan jangan dirempit...

  2. elok pakai sportrim, pakai tayar tubeless. kurang risiko tayar pancit

  3. pliz pliz take care while on the bike. Watchout for crazy cars, damn fast dunggu lorries and sharp turns.
    Otherwise, I "restu" your new pasangan hidup hehehe!

  4. auntie EM: yes sir!

    faizal : lenjan tayar baru ni habis dulu =) that 'd be another 100 plus ...

    kak lily: yes lily .. 'll do ... baca doa, ride safely! and thnx for the restu!