Saturday, February 6, 2010

Met Up Some Friends

Yes, met up with some friends for dinner at the Mid-Valley last night. We went for a bite at the Delicious Restaurant at GF001. They reserved the outside sofa for us. great setting.

This is Shanaz and Shirley at the lobby. Chinese New Year setting at the back.

Melissa and Shirley. Melissa will be going back to Tanjung Malim for the new year. Shirley is a KL girl.

Gopi and Gan. Gopi is now off diabetes and high-blood pressure medication. He said the trick is to lose weight and eat a sensible diet. Gan is waiting for the next round of banana leaf curry lunch. Hang on Gan.

Janice and Shanaz. Janice will be going back in to the working class after the new year. Shanaz is semi retired as business is slow for her during the new year; difficult to sell new year hampers if  you don't include liquor.

Gan Boon Heng and Tan Boon Chew. Gan still expects ang pows. Tan should be back to Kuantan for the new year. He is actually based there but somehow spends a lot of time here.

Steven Tham with his darling wife and firs born son. Steven said the boy is 16 months old. His wife said 17 lah. The boy has the cheeks that are just waiting to be pinched.

Group photo. Click on it for a larger view.

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