Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guess The Song - Lady Singer

A lady sang this song. The previous songs seemed to be too easy to guess. In order to make it more challenging this music clip is made short; just a few seconds. And the clue is just that; a lady sang this song when it made it to the top of the UK chart.

What is this number 1 hit? Listen to the sample clip.

Updated: The answer is here at http://uktophits.blogspot.com


  1. Okay..okay!!!..I get it!!!Too fast...Yvonne Elliman or Tina Charles...No!!!...Tina Charles..."Dr Love"

  2. close Hisham.. very close.. but not quite there yet.. challenging isn't it..

  3. I love to love by Tina Charles- a real disco hit- azhar

  4. Oh I love to love,
    But my baby just loves to dance,
    He wants to dance,
    He loves to dance,
    He's got to dance...

    Tina Charles it is, Hisham.

    We had a [lady] house mate at Nottingham who used to go gila with this song. Kita dengar pun naik gila - sampai sekarang ingat!

    One of those 'Top of the Pops' fans...


  5. well done azhar and naz.. both within minutes of each other.. strange how a few seconds of a sound clip can trigger a 30 year old memory.

  6. Amazing, isn't it, Jam?

    It goes to show the powwer of the creative right brain. How melody can be used to trigger place, person, lyrics and mood.

    The school system's got it wrong, man. They should look at how the Arabian Ulamaks recited the Quran from memory with a little tune...