Monday, October 6, 2008

Guess Where - Way Up High

Somewhere way up high in Malaysia is this pedestrian bridge.

See the bunch of people in the picture.

Do you know where?

It is now one of those "must try" in the things to do list if you ever visit this area.


  1. I would guess...Langkawi....

  2. Beats me this time, Jam. It looks new, recently built.. Kinabalu vicinity, Sabah perhaps? Minco job? Looks good.


  3. Hisham guessed it right. It is in Langkawi. There is a cable car that takes you up some precarious platforms on Gunung Mat Cincang. The sky bridge looks fragile but it is actually an interesting walk. If you ever make it there make sure you go up on a clear day. It has got a really breath-taking view.

  4. Wow! Amazing, man.. stunning views, I'm sure.

    I would imagine this thing swaying in high winds too - and in that situation you'd probably wished Jam hadn't coaxed you into making it there...