Monday, October 20, 2008

Guess Where - This Is Cool

It is very nice to be in a cool place.

This whole area does not look typically local.

But it is definitely Malaysian.

Tell us where this is.


  1. Its Berjaya Colmar Resort in bukit Tinggi,a copy of a similar named village in France. Parking is underneath all that structure, and theres entrance fee charged .

  2. 100% correct Azhar. Sounds like you've been there.

  3. Colmar Tropicale

    Inspired by the original Colmar Village in Alsace, France,Colmar Tropicale is a picture postcard come alive! At its heart is Colmar Square, a cobblestone central courtyard where you can enjoy outdoor dining and street performances.

  4. Sounds like Johnny's been there too.

  5. never been there... wish i have time to go...

  6. might be nice to go, husni, but i can think of a lot of other places nearer and takes much less travel time.. these places i feel can be just as exciting.

    one of favorites is hussein sup.. i wonder who else knows about it.

  7. i only know one thing... hussin is my father's name.. same pronounciation but diferent spelling...

    yeah...u r right..its not kinda place that i like to go..

    wonder when i can go to endau-rompin????? sementara masih single ni....