Monday, October 13, 2008

Guess Where - New Icon

This is a new Malaysian icon.

You have my utmost regard if you have visited this place as it has only been recently opened early 2008.

You may know about it because it made quite a headline. People had various opinions about it. Yet, it is now there, and it does seem spectacular.

It is now another one of those places that you must have a look see.

Do you suppose you know where this is?


  1. Quite a few have answered Terengganu. That is correct. But specifically where in that state? Hint: It is on an island.

  2. The Crystal Mosque. It's on a small island within a mining lake near Bukit Besi, 'Ganu'. This will go down as one of Pak Lah's 'famous' legacy, and a sure sign that 'kiamat' is near !!!


  3. Well done Naz. The Crystal Mosque is correct. It is on Pulau Wan Man not too far from Kuala Terengganu city centre. It is part of the Taman Tamadun Islam where a number of the islamic world's notable buildings will be replicated on a smaller scale. Definitely it is a theme park with a difference.