Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guess The Song - Ladies' Man

The singer is a real ladies' man. He claimed his love songs were dedicated to his wife. However when he did his concerts he seemed to appeal to the ladies in the audience. It was not unusual for these fans to throw their panties at him.

Strange things happen in the 70's. Do you know this UK number 1 hit? Click on the play and listen to the sample clip.

Updated: The answer is here at


  1. Its Barry White - My Everything.
    yes I was in Cardiff at that time and we danced to the tune in Top Rank disco and at parties- Azhar

  2. My goodness! Spot on Azhar. The full title of this Barry White hit is You're The First The Last My Everything.

    The quiz is still too easy for you. Watch out for the next one next week.