Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guess The Song - In The Sky

This might take you a while to figure out. The song mentions about something in the sky above. It was a UK number 1 hit of the 70's. Sung by a group of British boys who normally wear typically British attire. Listen to it. Click on the play button.

Updated: The answer is here at http://uktophits.blogspot.com


  1. Don't know...stumped!!!!

  2. its showaddywaddy 'under the moon of love'- great sing along song but not one that you want to remember for too long!- azhar

  3. It's just amazing how Azhar gets the answer so quickly.

    Got to hand to you Azhar. Well done.

    The one coming is going to be much harder. At least this one got Hisham stumped.

  4. Just heard it... The first verse is a give-away with the following words..'..under the moon of love'.

    But I wouldn't have guessed Showadyyywaddy. Azhar must have been a competitor of the UK TV programme those days - 'Name That Tune'....