Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guess The Song - Big Boys

It is amazing how many always get the answers right. Number 1 hits of the UK from the 70's seems to be easy. Try this song. It is a song for the big boys. Let us see if we have to wait til the end of the week for the answer. Yes. Click on the play button to listen.

Updated: The answer is here at http://uktophits.blogspot.com


  1. Im not in love 10cc. I can sing this song by heart!

  2. Together with 'Goodbye' by Air Supply, this song will always remind me of Azhar!

    But big boys do cry, I'm sure...


  3. Yes.. this is amazing.. this is too easy.. it is like within minutes someone got the asnwer.. for a while there I thought this was going to last a few days.

    Looks like the next few guesses will have to be something Azhar doesn't like to sing.

  4. It's classic....1975 sweet memories!!!