Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guess The Song - All Leads

Another UK number 1 hit from the 70's. This band was said to contain all lead musicians. The lead singer was a school teacher. The answer will be inform at the end of the week. Click on the play button to listen. Do it.

Updated: The answer is here at http://uktophits.blogspot.com


  1. Message in a Bottle by The Police.

    I didn't realise they are all leads. I know that Sting plays bass, and they have the American drummer.

    But in way, you're right. Sting leads as the 'lead' vocal, Sumner[? is that his name?] plays the 'lead' guitar/rythmn and Copeland[the Yank?] on drums 'leads' the beat.

    One of my favourites, this song.


    ps. Sorry I couldn't make your Raya open hse, Jam. I was in Seremban with the family. Hope you had a ball.

  2. Well done Naz. Message in a bottle by The Police is spot on.

    The thing about these guys is that they are not like regular bands where there is a lead singer and everyone else follows. They are a 3 piece band each playing a leading role; and they sound like there are a lot more than just 3 people in the group.