Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess The Location - Similar Colours

Guess the location. It is still in Malaysia. This tower and a lot of other buildings around it are painted in similar colours. Actually there was a sign on the building behind which gives its location. That has been blanked out so as not to spoil your fun.


  1. This is part of the old Melaka colonial building complex built by the Dutch in the 17th century.

    The original founders of the mission schools must have spent sone of their time here before establishing St Francis Institution of Melaka, St John's and the rest of the La Salle schools in Malaya. Old Joe's spirit must be flying about around in this place, so you don't want to go there ever again!

    Selamat Hari Raya Idil Fitri.


  2. Good one Naz. You're almost the first one (someone else answered via email) but yours is definitely the most informative. You probably won't find me hanging around there but Malacca restaurants have my favourite asam pedas.

  3. If Melaka food is your thing, you must also try authentic Baba & Nyonya cuisine at Bandar Hilir. A C&S enginner took me to one of these restaurants next to his office [he was actually based at Bandar Hilir] when we built the Kompleks Mahkamah Melaka some years back.

    Man... I was stone-hooked!

  4. Is it somewhere in Portugal or Holland..looks like a place I pass thru every other day...Haizad @ Fred

  5. Looks like you've been travelling Europe eh Fred. These Malacca buildings are of Portugese influence, I believe. But then the Dutch somehow got hold of Malacca and later swapped with the British for Batavia. Strange thing is that you don't see Dutch or British communities but a Protugese community is apparent there.