Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gathering Member Lama Cardiff

Dari: Rosehaizad Bin Abd Wahab

Ramai yg bertanya “Bila nak buat ReUnion / Gathering etc”.

Lepas email com / phone / etc antara Dzul / Nasim / Khalid / myself and Others; dicadangkan Gathering as below.

Pls refer to Infopack attached and revert to me (by filling in participants table) kalu nak / taknak attend and how many (family member).

Juga tolong dapatkan no hp and email address member2 kita yang masih tiada contact info.


1. Date    : Sunday 17th  August 2008

2. Time    : 10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

3. Place   : Lyanne Batik Sdn Berhad  (Khalid Ramlee’s Wife Business) (see map in Appendix)

4. Schedule:
For Member For Spouse & Children
10:00am Arrival -ditto-
10:30 am Get to know family session with light refreshments -ditto-
10:45 am Gathering (Events TBD) Kursus Batik
1:00 pm Lunch -ditto-
Cost RM 30.00 RM 50.00 (with Kursus Batik)

5. Mode of Payment : To be informed – Preferably in Advance via CDM / Internet Banking etc ( A/C number to be informed later) Kalu anybody yg LOADED nak beramal jariah sponsor the whole thing – Alhamdulilah.

Note : Khalid kata - “juga nasihat semua bawa duit lebih untuk beli batik di sini terutama yang loaded tu, batik yang paling hangat di Malaysia sekarang.
Looking forward to the day”

6. Facilities : Café can accommodate 50 adults
PA system & LCD projector
Light refreshment on arrival/start
Lunch ( Nasi minyak & Fruit Juices)

Rosehaizad Bin Abd Wahab

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