Thursday, May 29, 2008

lah.. lor.. leh.. ah.. mah.. meh..

There are subtle differences.

What lah you! (What is the matter with you?) "Lah" is used when you want to stress an exclaimation.

Sure lor.. (Yes. Of course. Definitely.) "Lor" is used when you want to explain something.

Do leh. (Please go ahead and proceed with it.) "Leh" is used to soften an instruction so that order does not sound too harsh.

Yes, ah? (Is it true?) "Ah" is used when you want to stress a question.

You mah. (You are the one in this case.) "Mah" is used to reaffirm a point.

Cannot meh? (Are you really sure it can't be done?) "Meh" it is used to question skeptically.

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